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Update from Israel #Bus372

We really can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by! We had an amazing three days in Jerusalem, bringing in the Shabbat and taking the time to pause and process everything we’d done so far. In Jerusalem we went to Sacher Park for a reflection activity and spent time learning about the politics and history of Jerusalem. After an intense first week, we headed south to see the beauty of the desert. We hiked Masada at sunrise, floated in the Dead Sea, hiked Ein Gedi, went snorkeling in Eilat, and visited the grave of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, in Sde Boker. We’re now in Tel Aviv, finishing off the trip with a taste of city life. We learned about LGBTQ issues with Agudah, took a tour of the street art in Florentine, and had lunch at Shuk haCarmel. We’ll end our time in Tel Aviv with a visit to Independence Hall and a tour of south Tel Aviv with BINA, where we will learn about asylum seekers in Israel. We have only one day left of our journey and hope to use it to think about how we can bring back everything we’ve learned and experienced.

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