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TL-41-349 Update 1

Shalom, This is Roy, the IACT at Clark. I wanted to let you know that we just arrived in Kibbutz Ashdod Yaakov. The participants have been really engaged from the beginning of the trip. We started our day at Caesarea and played ice breakers there. We then continued to Tzfat where participants had a chance [...]

TL-41-40 Update 1

Hey all, Excuse the delay, we arrived and quickly observed Shabbat. We all landed safely and made our way to the hotel for Hanukkah candle lighting. The group started bonding very quickly, we are all enjoying each other’s company and behaving as if we have all be close for a long time. Our first trip [...]

TL-41-141 Update 2

Bus 141 started the day with ODT (outdoor training,) but due to weather we moved things inside! After some team bonding, the group headed north to Mt. Bental and ended with a winery tour at Ramat Hagolan. We will be spending tomorrow in Tzfat complete with a challah baking class before settling in at our [...]

TL-41-140 Update 1

Hi from the staff of Bus 140! Our group is filled with fun, curious, sweet, and friendly people! We’ve spent the first two nights sleeping in Tiberias. During our first day in israel we made a blessing of shehechiyanu and appreciated the exciting and new opportunities we will have on birthright. Then we enjoyed beautiful [...]

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