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Birthright Israel Outdoors - Free Trips to Israel
Free Trips to Israel - Birthright gift trip to israel

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You have a passion for travel and you are open to new ideas and new ways of looking at the world. Prepare to be inspired! We like to think Israel Outdoors is an experience, not merely a trip. In just ten days, you will have ample opportunities to find meaning without being told what to believe. Our program guides are natural leaders who are trained to create an environment that encourages a personal journey. Let your curiosity get the best of you as you embark on a wide-eyed adventure.
You are at your prime playing outside – and even better when you are breaking a sweat. Israel Outdoors is designed to expose you to the breathtaking natural beauty of Israel. Our flagship program, Israel Quest, is designed for anyone with a spirit for adventure. Our Israel By Foot and Israel By Bike programs are more challenging – including a night of real camping in the desert wilderness. If the idea of getting off the bus and connecting to the Land of Milk and Honey excites you, Israel Outdoors is for you.
You’re all about the journey. However, the thought of traveling with a large group is more foreign to you than a new country. So why be a part of an organized group of 40 peers on a Birthright Israel experience? Israel Outdoors will take care of your itinerary start to finish, giving you more time to soak up your surroundings and meet new people. The active nature of the program itself is perfect for meeting new people in an informal and fun way. You’ll quickly feel like part of a traveling community that you’ll come to cherish.
Let’s face it – you have a Jewish mother. She wants you to go on Birthright Israel to rekindle the Jewish flame, or meet a nice Jewish girl or guy. Israel Outdoors will make both you AND your mom happy. This trip is no Hebrew School experience on wheels. You’ll come away with new relationships and a refreshing new perspective on your Jewish identity — all while forging your own personal
connection to Israel itself.
You have a career path and not much flexibility to stray from it. Perhaps you are transitioning from one opportunity to another. Whether your office is in a skyscraper or a classroom, Israel Outdoors offers an alternative break from the daily grind. Explore Israel with other 22-26 year-olds who are seeking more than just a vacation. With more trip choices than anyone else, Israel Outdoors can accommodate you on a trip with dates that work best for you.
You’re social and look forward to meeting new people outside of the bubble. Join a national trip to make friends from all over the country. Expand your horizons with like-minded peers. The diversity of people on a national trip will characterize the journey as much as the itinerary itself. After your travels with us in Israel are long over, your network of new friends will remain.
You’re looking forward to an escape from the library and a new experience beyond the walls of college life. Make the most of your break time on Israel Outdoors. Go on a campus-based trip, where you’ll travel to Israel with fellow members of your campus community. Alternatively, go on a national trip, where you’ll meet fresh faces from new places. Either way, the Israel Outdoors trip focuses on experiential education and learning by doing. We tend to avoid lectures and seminars – you get enough of that already on campus!
You’re Jewish. Well, you’re Jew-ish. You haven’t had an involved Jewish upbringing and are concerned that you’ll be out of the loop. Good news — Israel Outdoors attracts Jewish people of all backgrounds (even very limited backgrounds), and we don’t have ANY hidden religious or political message. Our outlook is 100% pluralistic. We do believe in exposing you to new ideas and new surroundings – but we encourage you to form your own opinions along the way – and express them. The experience is what you make of it.

Israel Outdoors is a part of the family of travel experiences.