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Birthright Israel Outdoors - Free Trips to Israel
Free Trips to Israel - Birthright choose free trip israel

How to Choose

Must-See Highlights

  • Jerusalem’s Old City
  • The Negev and Judean Deserts
  • The Sea of Galilee
  • The Mediterranean Coast
  • The Dead Sea and Masada
  • The mystical city of Tsfat
  • Tel Aviv, Israel’s cultural capital

Must-Do Activities

  • Camel riding and a desert tent experience
  • Cultural and culinary events
  • Exploring Jerusalem’s outdoor market
  • Ancient tunnel crawling
  • Rafting on the Jordan River (summer groups)
  • Group and free nights out on the town

Must-Feel Moments

  • Celebrating Shabbat in Israel
  • New friendships with Israeli peers
  • Breathtaking sunrise atop Masada
  • Yad V’Shem Holocaust Center
  • Experiencing Tel Aviv’s vibrant beach culture

Must-Make Connections

  • Bonding with diverse peers from North America
  • Cross-cultural connections with Israeli peers who share in the experience
  • Meaningful relationships with the staff
  • The opportunity to discover a colorful and dynamic society


There’s no way to fully appreciate Israel Outdoors until you experience it. For a taste, we set out to capture the spirit of a 10-day trip and condense it into a 3-minute video.

Israel Outdoors is a part of the family of travel experiences.