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The He(ART) of Israel

10 days just not enough? Enhance your experience on the He(ART) of Israel with four extra days exploring the relationship between the various aspects of living in Israel and art, culture and Israeli Fashion.


Explore Israel with style!

Are you creative? Do you like dance, fashion, and photography? Well… we’ve got you covered! Art is a way of self- expression. When making a piece of art, the artist embeds themselves within it their own world. This world connects to their experience, thoughts, values and messages that they want to convey to the world.

The He(ART) of Israel is a fascinating 4-day journey designed to expose you to the world of Israeli arts. You’ll experience Israel through in cool workshops from dance, photography, painting, music, and theater.



An Instagram and Photography workshop
Wine tasting + painting session
Embroidery workshop with Bedouin women
A studio visit at the Israeli fashion designer who dresses Queen B
Music and clubs’ tour at night in Tel Aviv


Anyone who will be traveling on a Birthright Israel experience this coming season or anyone who has already traveled on a Birthright Israel experience in the last year


The program takes place in Tel Aviv with visits and workshops to various locations.

January 4 – January 7
January 11 – January 14
January 25 – January 28
February 1 – February 4

NOTE: You’re responsible for your arrangements after your Birthright Israel experience until the start of The He(ART) of Israel



This program includes 2 meals a day, domestic transportation, all programming, AND the cost of your flight extension when booked in advance (for travelers on a Birthright Israel experience this summer).


DAY #1 | Meetup in Tel Aviv
My physical home as an inspiration for creation.
We’ll kick off our program in Tel Aviv with some arty activities to get to know one another, then we will drive south, and we’ll do a dance & movement workshop followed by a meeting with the artist Yaron Bob who makes rockets into roses.


DAY #2 | The Impact of Art
We will start our day in an embroidery workshop with Bedouin women in Lakia, then we will go back to Tel- Aviv, we will visit the cool brand Kite.Pride who gives a second chance to kites and people. We will end with hands-on photography workshop

DAY #3 | Humans of Tel- Aviv

In this day we will get to meet the diversity within Tel- Aviv, from an art and design tour to meeting one of Israel’s most famous drag queens. We will also have a WINE and painting class AND a music workshop followed by free time to discover Tel- Aviv night scene on your own

DAY #4 | Dreams and Inspiration

We will talk about dreams and meet Shahar Avnet- an artist and an up and coming designer who already dressed Beyoncé and Neta Barzilay.

Then we will create our own guided art work and we’ll finish in big lunch event in a great location and a view to the Mediterranean Sea


“I feel like I got an extremely thorough, first-hand experience of what it’s like to be Israeli and really tune in with the culture here. I fell in love with Tel Aviv.”

“The program was an amazing experience that gave me knowledge about a world & culture I didn’t really know about.”

“Without this program my trip would have been incomplete.”

“These are not things I would have been able to experience on my own.”


Once you’ve been fully confirmed on your Birthright Israel trip, you can register to be a part of any Birthright Israel Plus program. You’ll fill out a short registration form, which will also include the opportunity to request a specific flight extension.


Fashionating by Liri is a social enterprise which was established in 2016. The Company’s mission is to empower Israeli fashion designers, brands and companies and to bring Israel’s story through a new and unique perspective of fashion.

The company offers lectures about Israeli fashion across North America and fashion tours and trips in Israel. When you go on a trip with Fashionating by Liri you know you’ll get the best experience! Liri is all about creating boutique trips in which every single detail was carefully thought through to maximize your experience, from the speakers and staff to the hotels and restaurants- with Liri you will get the best!

Fashionating Israel is a unique program run by the tour company Fashionating by Liri. Fashionating by Liri was established by Liraz Cohen Mordechai. Liraz Cohen Mordechai (Liri) is an educator and the owner of Fashionating by Liri, a company whose mission is to empower Israeli fashion globally and to tell Israel’s story from a unique angle of Fashion.



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