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Birthright Israel Outdoors - Free Trips to Israel
Free Trips to Israel - Birthright

Palestinian & Israeli Narratives

A people-centered program that explores perspectives on settlements, land, and borders 


Beyond the simplistic headlines lies a region full of complexity and a wide
range of perspectives. Through visits with everyday Palestinians and
Israeli Jews, meetings with community leaders, and tours of Palestinian
villages and Israeli settlements, we’ll confront the “Arab-Israeli Conflict”
head-on, hear unfiltered authentic voices, and seek to achieve a sense of
overall perspective.

We’re told there are two sides to every story. In Palestinian & Israeli Narratives,
we’ll explore a range of perspectives through first-hand meetings and respectful
dialogue. As we journey through this historically charged land, all points of view
will be explored and respected. In fact, these challenging topics and questions
will serve as our guide to explore the Conflict. You’ll discover what the word
“occupation” means to affected communities, and understand the different
borders that impact the everyday lives of the people who live inside and outside
of them.

This exciting new program will feature visits to settlements and Palestinian
villages, meetings with residents and community leaders, encounters with
activists and change-makers, tours of borders and holy sites, and honest
conversation to help make sense of the Palestinian and Israeli realities.


  • Tour of the Green Line, and learn about borders and security
  • Visit the West Bank and meet with residents
  • Tour Jubbet Ad-Dhib, a Palestinian Village in Area C, and meet with community members
  • Explore the Temple Mount / Haram-al Sharif


Anyone who will be traveling on a Birthright Israel experience this coming season or anyone who has already traveled on a Birthright Israel in the last year


June 15 – June 18
July 20 – July 23
August 3 – August 6
August 17 – August 20

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