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Birthright Israel Outdoors - Free Trips to Israel
Free Trips to Israel - Birthright

Travel with Friends

Choose Israel Outdoors

We are only able to place you on a trip with friends if they also register with Israel Outdoors as their Birthright Israel trip organizer. Make a plan with your friends to select "Tlalim-Israel Outdoors" as part of Sign-Up and also when it comes time to complete the full primary application!

Tag Your Buddy Requests

Let us know if you have a travel companion request in your Secondary Application. As part of that form, you can search for friends who also registered and tag them as travel buddy requests. If you can’t find them, it means they probably didn’t sign up for Israel Outdoors. Make sure they fix that!

Sync Your Trip Choices

In the Secondary Application you’ll be able to view and rank all trips you are willing to join. Make sure that you and your friends rank the same exact trips in the same exact preference order. This will really help us help match you together on the same trip with your friends.

Travel with Mixed Age Friends

Trips are mainly divided into age 18-22 and 22-26 groupings. However, we know many people want to travel with friends who are in a different age range. In these cases, we are always happy to make exceptions. When selecting your trips, choose trip dates in the age range of your choice.

Traveling Solo?

No worries! Most Israel Outdoors participants don’t know any of their fellow travelers beforehand! This trip is an amazing opportunity to connect with interesting new people and forge lasting friendships with a diverse group of travelers.

Israel Outdoors is a part of the family of travel experiences.