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Free Trips to Israel - Birthright

How to Apply

In just a few short steps, you’ll be on your way

Registration is fast and commitment-free! Follow these simple instructions below, and then launch your registration to get going. You’ve got this!

Not sure if you’re eligible for a free trip to Israel? Check out the requirements here!

We have a ton of dates and experiences, so you’re sure to find the right one for you. Before you start, you’ll first want to figure out:

  • What kind of experience you’re looking for
  • When you want to travel

Pre-register so you can sign up a day earlier than everyone else and get first pick of dates. It’s totally worth it because:

  • You get a head start on creating your account with us
  • You get priority registration status

The $250 deposit is refundable and commitment-free , so there’s really nothing to lose! Registration opens as follows:

  • September 5, 2018 for Winter/Spring 2018-19
  • Pre-registration for Winter/Spring 2018-19 and Summer 2019 now open (get early access!)

We’ll invite you to our secondary application where you get to choose dates and travel companions. You’ll be able to:

  • You can select as many preferred trip dates  as you want!
  • You’ll also share any important medical or dietary information

Just a quick chat to get to know you better, confirm your eligibility, and answer any questions you have. The calls:

  • Are super fast and easy
  • Have to be completed before we can send you your trip offer!

We’ll send you a trip offer email  and all you have to do is accept. And then all that’s left is to get ready to go! Don’t forget:

  • Add “[email protected]” to your contact list os you don’t miss the offer email!
  • You can withdraw without penalty until the cancelation deadline


You’ll be taken to the Birthright Israel website to register. Don’t forget to select “Israel Outdoors” as your trip organizer!


Send us your email and we’ll get you the information, answers, and inspiration you need to find the perfect trip for you.

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